Viking SeaTech has one of the most comprehensive test units in the UK and serves many industries.

Anchor Test Rig

The rig was designed to test Stevpris high holding power anchors to NMD rules, which call for a higher proof load than more conventional anchors. The rig is portable and available for testing Stevpris anchors onsite. Ultimate proof load 400 Tonnes.

110 Tonne Sling Test Bed

This test bed has a working length of 10 metres and is primarily used for testing slings and other items that have a proof load test of 110 Tonnes or less. The working length can be adjustable to suit a wide range of sling lengths and other items. Ultimate proof load 110 Tonnes.

155 Tonne Test Bed

This test bed has a short length and was designed for proof loading wire rope terminations after they have been applied. The test bed is also used to proof load shackles and other short items with a proof load of 155 tonnes or less. Ultimate proof load 155 Tonnes.

Fully Transportable Anchor Test Bed

The test bed has been designed to test High Holding Power (HHP) drag embedment anchor types to classification rules specified by clients, which call for a proof load equal to 50% of the breaking load of the mooring system. The test bed is fully transportable and is adaptable for other testing operations. Ultimate Proof Load 400Tonnes

All the above test beds and rigs carry certification and are approved by most certifying authorities.