Your strongest links for your operation

Viking SeaTech provide various shackles for mooring and marine operations for a wide range of applications whether onshore or offshore, whether for chain or wire rope.

To ensure optimal connections for your operation, we can specify and supply shackles in varying sizes and diameters for all relevant operations, all to the highest quality and tensile strength, all adhering to the latest industry guidelines.

Even with the simple application of attaching anchor chains to mooring buoys, there are a wide range of forged steel mooring shackles for different applications and conditions. 

We provide wide-neck safety bow shackles for larger diameter chain and wire rope terminations. We also provide sling saver shackles with polyester, giving a wider sling bearing surface as well as an increased load distribution area. 

We also supply a range of anchor shackles which come complete with bolt threaded pins.

Whatever your mooring system demands, trust the experts Viking Seatech to deliver the best links for the job. Simply get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.