The Baobab Oil Field, Ivory Coast

10th August 2010

Dramatically reducing project costs in the Ivory Coast.

Location: The Baobab Oil Field, Ivory Coast – 1
Rig: Noble Homer Ferrington

The objectives:
Viking SeaTech were chosen to provide a mooring solution for CNR and two separate drilling locations within the Boabab Oil Filed on the Ivory coast. With each location for the mooring project 1,000 metres apart, a solution that could be as cost effective as possible was required.

The challenges:
Survey data revealed significant differences in water depths. There was also an uneven soil depth posing a challenge for conventional drag embedment mooring systems. So a solution was required that could address these challenges and maintain a cost effective solution.

The project:
Viking SeaTech would provide a pre-set mooring solution enabling the rig to skid between the two drill centres. And to ensure everything could be carried out effectively, we would also design a taut leg mooring system that offered a footprint that was more compact than conventional systems.

The outcomes:

The Viking SeaTech’s solution offered a number of significant benefits to our client. We significantly reduced rig move time & improved mooring system performance. Riser downtime was significantly reduced. Our solution also maximised drilling time, with fewer interuptions to the operation. This also meant that drilling services were optimised.

The Viking SeaTech solution meant less AHT investment, greatly reducing project costs .

A significant cost reduction, maximising the efficiency and productivity of the project.